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Tosin Divine – Oro Olorun Duro

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Tosin Divine - Oro Olorun Duro

Tosin Divine - Oro Olorun Duro

Tosin Divine - Oro Olorun Duro
Tosin Divine – Oro Olorun Duro


Nigerian singer Tosin Dorcas Olatunbosun, professionally known as Tosin Divine, has announced the release of her latest single produced by TJ Intl. The new song, titled “Oro Olorun Duro,” was inspired by her faith and belief in the word of God.


Hailing from Ibadan South West in Oyo State, Tosin Divine has been making music since 2012 when she released her debut singles “Step by Step” and “Power Pass Power.” Her music career has seen her gain a dedicated fanbase and a reputation for delivering soulful, uplifting music that speaks to the heart.


The song is a testament to Tosin Divine’s unwavering faith in God, His word and serves as a reminder to listeners about the power of God’s word which is ever sure and never failing.


Tosin Divine who’s currently based in Lagos and has been actively promoting the new single on her social media platforms. Fans and music lovers can follow her on all social media platforms for updates on her latest projects and performances.


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LYRICS : Tosin Divine – Oro Olorun Duro

Oro olorun duro o titi aye (The Word of God stands forever) x2

Aye le re koja (The earth may pass away)

Korun koja pelu (The heavens may pass away as well)

Kin un ninu Oro re ko ma le lo laise (A peck of His Word can never go unfulfilled)

Oro olorun duro o titi aye (The Word of God stands forever) 2x

Nipase Oro re, Lada Imole (By His spoken word, light was created)

Nipase Oro re, Lada okunkun (By His spoken word, darkness came to be)

Nipa Oro olorun la de ja atokun (By the spoken word of God, the fishes and seas were made)

Oro olorun duro o, oduro (The word of God stands, it stands)

Oro olorun duro o ko ma le ye (The Word of God can never falter)


Oro yi n gba ni la (This word saves)

Oro yi n tu sile (This word liberates)

Oro yi n wo ni San (This word heals)

O n da ni de pelu (It delivers as well)

Emi ati iye ni, Oro to n bawa so (Spirit and life are the words He speaks to us)

Oro olorun lagbara, o lagbara (The word of God is powerful, it is powerful)

Oro olorun lagbara ko le Kuna (The word of God is powerful it can never fail)


Jesu Kristi oluwa, ni Oro na (Jesus Christ our Lord, is the word)

Oun lo wa latete ko se, o wa nisinyi (He was in the beginning, He is today)

Oun lo ma wa titi aye, ailopin (And He will be forever unending)

Oro olorun mi ye, oye o (The word of God is alive, is alive)

Oro olorun mi ye ko ma le ku (The word of God is alive, it can never die)

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