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[Music + Video] Daalu – Pat Uwaje-King [ @patuwajeking ]

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Music + Video] Daalu - Pat Uwaje-King [ @patuwajeking ]

Music + Video] Daalu - Pat Uwaje-King [ @patuwajeking ]

Music + Video] Daalu - Pat Uwaje-King [ @patuwajeking ]
Music + Video] Daalu – Pat Uwaje-King [ @patuwajeking ]

Anointed and Inspiring Gospel music minister, Pat Uwaje-King issues a soul-lifting song and video titled “Daalu” produced by Wilz Production.

The Igbo [a language widely spoken in the eastern region of Nigeria]- titled song simply means “Thank You” in the English language.

This is a song of gratitude to The Lord for His unending mercy and grace – expressed with a heart of thanksgiving.

Minister Pat Uwaje-King who is known to many by different names officially consolidates all alias’ with this brand-new song. She wishes that all who follow her identify with her as “Pat Uwaje-King” as she continues her music journey.

Pat Uwaje-King has influenced and shaped the face of gospel music, praise and worship, songwriting, and compositions over the years through her dedication to issuing and raising a standard of excellence.

Her astute management and leadership skills took the Gospel Group, Midnight Crew, which she is still a part of, to great heights. As a testament to this, all members of the quartet are exceptional ministers and thriving in their various paths.

The message in this new song, “Daalu” borders on God’s overwhelming grace and mercy, deep communion with the Holy Spirit, and a continued attitude of praise.

According to her, “My entire life’s journey so far is a product of praise! Giving God due praise and sincere worship- in and out of season. When things are very good and when things are very bad. When I am happy and when I am sad. When I have abundance and when I don’t have enough – I just Thank God!”

“Because All The Time, He is Good! He is a Good good Father! I am grateful for a praying and praising mother who mentored me on that path! And guess what? When we praise God genuinely things happen. Things shift. Miracles happen. He blesses. He saves. He delivers. He provides. He supplies. He heals. He sets free. He comes! In His awesomeness and sovereignty! He always does!” – She continues.

“Daalu” is the beginning of a new chapter and Pat Uwaje-King is preparing a banquet with various genres. Her forthcoming project is sure to be all-encompassing.

The accompanying video is directed by Iyke Lawrence.

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