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Elijah Ugo – A Living Testimony [NEW ALBUM]

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Elijah Ugo - A Living Testimony [NEW ALBUM]

Elijah Ugo - A Living Testimony [NEW ALBUM]

Elijah Ugo - A Living Testimony [NEW ALBUM]
Elijah Ugo – A Living Testimony [NEW ALBUM]

Nigerian multi-talented Preacher and gospel singer-songwriter Elijah Ugo whose real name is Pastor Elijah Chiaka Ugonma return with his second body of work in 10 years. The “Heaven’s inspired songs coupled in an album titled “A LIVING TESTIMONY” is a solid Christian Gospel album packed with eight amazing tracks that will revive your passionate love for Jesus,  this amazing album follows first album release in 2012 titled WITH JESUS IN YOUR LIFE.

My journey with music started after I gave my life to Jesus in the year 2000 says Elijah Ugo my singing career came as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because before giving my life to Christ I never knew I could sing, not to talking of composing and writing new songs. Jesus coming into my life has completely changed my life and has made me a living testimony.

He says his latest project “ A LIVING TESTIMONY” is an album from God and it serves as a reminder to all that the love of Jesus is so great and that he is the highest of all and always worthy of our praise. It is a solid project with a variety of genres and has enough content and gravy to be enjoyed by every music lover.

Track 1: The first song in this album titled I HAVE A FATHER Is an amazing song talking about how my heavenly Father takes care of me.

Track 2: NONE LIKE YOU. Is a worship love song to my daddy in heaven. It talks about how there is none like God in all the earth.

Track 3: This track OPEN HEAVEN FOR ME: Is a cry from my inner man to my daddy for a divine visitation not only for me, but also for those out there that are in distress, heartbroken, the poor Windows, and the fatherless.

Track 4: PICKED ME UP: Is a beautiful song of expression from my heart. It tells about where I’m coming from, and how Jesus has packaged my life from shame to honor, from rejection to global acceptance. Hallelujah

Track 5:  STARTED MAKING HISTORY. Is another delightful song of mine. All it’s saying is that I owe God all I am now, and all I will ever be. It says that without Jesus my life would have remained in darkness, that Jesus is the Sun that shines in my day.

Track 6: BIGGY BIGGY GOD. This song is a praise song. You can use it to shake your body and dance to God thanking him for all his blessings, and Joy like a river flowing in your life always.

Track 7:  HEAVEN MY HOME: Is heavenly inspirad song. That reminds all of us that this world is not a permanent place for us. It also says that after all the struggles and hustle of this life that one day I will mount my wings and fly away. I don’t know about you. But for me it is certain that heaven is my home

Track 8: HAVE A RETHINK. This song is for you and me. I don’t know what has captured your heart, money, beauty, lust, fame, or is it problems of life. Have they made you to forget that your soul is more important than all of the world’s riches. Have a rethink today and return to God through Jesus our Savior, and your life will be so beautiful and joyful forever. Hallelujah






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