October 3, 2023


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Divine Esther – Over Sabi God

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Divine Esther - Over Sabi God

Divine Esther - Over Sabi God

Divine Esther -  Over Sabi God
Divine Esther – Over Sabi God


Divine Esther, releases a brand new single titled ‘Over Sabi God.’Divine is aGospel Music Minister and song writer and she is also known as Esther Chioma,

Udeh Esther Chioma. Born in Anambra State, married to Pst. Okechukwu Udeh, the senior pastor of Divine Grace Deliverance Ministry, located in Rivers State, Port Harcourt .


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By God’s grace, I am blessed with four children.

Over Sabi God is a song of appreciation to God for his blessings on me and mankind.
I believe strongly that anyone who plays this song will be richly blessed and visited by God.


Over Sabi God Lyrics by Divine Esther

The God that knows every thing
the big God
Thank you for blessing me
you have done more than expected

Lyrics- 1,
My big father
That know it all thank you for wiping my tears
You have done it for me,

The life am living
The food am eating
And all my movement is all by your grace
My heart is at peace
The God that knows my thought, you have melted my heart.



Every other gods are learning work from you because you swallowed all spirit
Am paying homage to you and respecting you the biggest God.

Father that knows how to package and how to arrange have arranged my life
You have transformed my life from sorrow to celebration
Congratulation is now my portion

Thank you mighty man of war
Jehovah has done it excess Thank you Lord.

Lyrics in Igbo
The Igbo translation of the song

Chineke mazuru ihe nile mabiga ya oke, daalu maka ngozi gi nime ndu m, Imebigala ya oke tinye jara.
Ndu nke ndi taa
Nri nke nna eri
Ngaghari nile nne agaghari
Obu chineke neme ya.

chineke neme ya.

Chindi ozo nile namu
Oru naka gi maka nibu
Oke mu neri muo
Anam ekpupuru gi okpu
Nenye kwa gi ekele.

Obi ajuru muo
Chukwu mera kosi diri muo
Ime daala mu obi muo

Igba nwela onodu mu
Site nile iri uju banye
Nile anuri.

Dalu nibu dike nagha
Ana m ekele gi chiweke
Dalu nnu kwute chi
Imela ya kponye ya aka.

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