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bfoHK Music – No God like you (Miracles)

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bfoHK Music - No God like you (Miracles)

bfoHK Music - No God like you (Miracles)

bfoHK Music - No God like you (Miracles)
bfoHK Music – No God like you (Miracles)


bfoHK Music, a renowned music production group, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “No God Like You (Miracles),” a captivating song that emphasizes the unwavering power of God to perform extraordinary miracles in the lives of His beloved.

“No God Like You (Miracles)” is an uplifting anthem that celebrates the boundless power of God to work extraordinary wonders in the lives of those who hold steadfast to their faith.
In the face of fear and the challenges that attempt to dampen our spirits, we are reminded to elevate our belief above the tumultuous waves of discouragement. Unwavering in our conviction of God’s omnipotence and unwavering love for us, we stand firm in the midst of any circumstance.
The deity we worship continues to manifest the unimaginable. There is absolutely nothing beyond the realm of God’s capability (Jeremiah 32:27).
This powerful composition, crafted by the devoted builders for His Kingdom (bfoHK Music), serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of faith and the awe-inspiring miracles that abound through our connection to the divine.

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LYRICS  :No God Like You – bfoHK
Let faith stir up
In the inside
Though the mountains rise, my soul will sing
I will trust in the King eternal
I will trust in you Oh Lord
Though Nations rise, my faith will stand steady
For in your arms I will not fail
Cos there’s no God like you
You do miracles that no one else can do
Whenever I call
Whenever I call
You answer me
You answer me
Faithful God always working through the shadows
It may take a little time
But you always come through
You are good, and I can rely on you

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