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Afro Gospel On Steady Rise In Ghana – Joseph Matthew | @josephmattewuk

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Afro Gospel On Steady Rise In Ghana – Joseph Matthew
Afro Gospel On Steady Rise In Ghana – Joseph Matthew


[NEWS] Afro-Gospel On Steady Rise In Ghana – Joseph Matthew


For so long a time, the Ghanaian Gospel institute was retarded in growth in event of the international front. The standardized format for Gospel music in Ghana was stagnant for a donkey’s years.

The facelift started gradually from the contemporary gospel crooners like Cwesi Oteng, Sonnie Badu, Joe Mettle. There was still room for further improvement because the gospel according to Mark 15:16 expressed instructed Christians to go through every nook and cranny to preach the word. It was therefore the duty of Gospel musicians to convert the word to the very end of the streets in the language they understood best.

Joseph Matthew the ideator of Afro-Gospel music in Ghana saw the vision from afar and moved the motion. Although there was criticism against the novel genre, Joseph Matthew pushed it the more further.

His songs like Hallelujah, My Story, Nyame Ye, etc have domineered most Gospel cultures outside Ghana but was finding it difficult to gain roots in Ghana because most thought the genre was cumbersome.

Then his songs like, “Not Alone”, and “The Name” started gaining roots in the Gospel circles in Ghana because the broad genre “Afro” was fast gaining roots in all music spheres around the world.

What actually broke the camel’s back for the total acceptance of the “Afro Gospel” genre was his latest song, “Blessed” close to a year ago.

The song climbed the music charts both on radio and TV in Ghana. The masses on the streets and in churches also trumpeted the jam excessively. It was no doubt that the genre was now fully functional and Ghanaians were in tune with it.

Then dropped a new crop of Gospel artists like Evans Scott, who had a smashing Afro Gospel hit song titled “Mapeke” last year, Kneeded, Lucky Ekeh, Kingzkid, Fresh Joy Music and a host of other young upcoming who has adopted the genre and making good use of it.

This year’s FootPrint TV’s Celebrity Hangout Party saw ace Gospel musicians appreciating the new crop of Gospel musicians who specialize in the urban gospel and the novel genre “Afro Gospel”.

In an interview with Joseph Matthew on what his thoughts were about the rise of the new genre in which he played a key part, he disclosed that he was overwhelmingly excited and felt fulfilled that at last, the Ghanaian Gospel industry is in tune with the new genre.

He also prayed to them to support the younglings who have made it a point in their career to do new things to help push the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.


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